We've updated our name! You may know us as SD Sealants, but we now go by SD Team.

We've updated our name! You may know us as SD Sealants, but we now go by SD Team.

United Kingdom

Quick, affordable & reliable cosmetic repairs

Cosmetic repairs are a sustainable way of preserving your assets, reducing landfill waste and ultimately, helping the environment. Our expertly trained technicians offer complete restorative repair to a range of hard surfaces, bringing any imperfections back to an exceptional standard quickly and efficiently, including unsightly chips, scratches and cracks.

Glass surface repairs

Our expert technicians offer complete restoration and polishing to a range of glass surfaces. Any imperfections from scratches, graffiti, weather damage and spatter from construction can all be carefully and completely removed.

Baths and basins repairs

Damage to bathroom interiors including bathtubs, sinks, toilets and shower trays can all be expertly repaired. Any unsightly dents, cracks and holes will be filled, polished and painted to perfectly colour-match the existing suite.

Stone colour matching

Whether it be chips and markings or long-term weather effects, brick and stonework often suffers wear and tear that needs restoring. Our technicians will repair any damage and match the colour and grain of brick or stone surfaces for a completely blended finish.

Ceramic tile repairs

Broken tiles, drill holes, chips and scratches can all be carefully and efficiently restored to their original finish. For those that need it, intricate tiles can also be hand-painted to perfectly match the surrounding pattern.

Cladding repairs

If there is damage or staining to wood, composite or metal cladding exteriors, our qualified technicians can repair and fill any imperfections and ensure that panels are resprayed and colour-matched to seamlessly blend in.


Floors can suffer a great deal of wear and tear, both before and after the construction process and so quick, comprehensive and long-lasting repairs are paramount. We offer expert finishing on a range of floor surfaces, including tiles, laminate, wood and vinyl.


Our fibreglass technicians are capable of carrying out a wide range of complex GRP repairs. Whether it be a minor gelcoat polish or repairing significant damage, fibreglass is seamlessly restored and colour-matched for a perfect finish.

uPVC windows and doors

Windows, door frames, and cills are all victim to wear and tear, which is wear our uPVC specialists come in. We can carry out quick, efficient and comprehensive repairs to anything from chips and scratches to re-colouring entire frames.

Marble and granite repairs

Whether it be interiors such as kitchen worktops or exterior repairs to pillars and plinths, our team can restore, colour-match and polish marble and granite surfaces to an exacting standard, ensuring a smooth and seamless finish.

Metal work

We offer a complete metalwork restoration and repair service. Our metalworkers are experienced in working with a range of materials including wrought iron, cast iron and brass, and can carry out repairs to a professional standard.

Powder-coated surfaces

During the installation of powder-coated components they may become damaged, scratched or marked during the construction process. Our on-site team can restore and repair any imperfections or holes in powder-coated surfaces and match the colour for a seamless finish.

Worktops & countertops

In the hands of our skilled technicians, worktops and countertops are expertly restored to their original condition. Whether it be laminate, marble or granite surfaces, our team have extensive experience in repairing and finishing damage in-situ.

Flexible to suit your business needs

Our dedicated teams are stationed all over the UK, so we can get to you quickly and carry out our cosmetic repair services around you.  

A quality workforce you can rely on

The highly skilled technicians at SD provide comprehensive, restorative hard surface cosmetic repairs to swiftly restore any imperfections back to an outstanding standard. 

Cosmetic repair FAQs

If you have any unanswered questions about our cosmetic repairs service, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at any time – our team will be happy to help.

What is importance of cosmetic repair?

Whether you are constructing a new housing development, renovating a cruise liner or refurbishing a primary school, leaving chips or scratches on the surfaces at the end of a job is guaranteed to make a bad impression, and can in some cases even pose a health risk to future occupants.

You have two choices if you want to avoid this – replacement, or cosmetic repair. Replacing broken or damaged fittings can often be a costly option, especially if you factor in disruption to the project and potential delays on top of the net cost of a new counter or door.

This is where cosmetic repair solutions come in. Hiring a trained cosmetic repair company such as SD allows contractors to quickly and affordably take care of any damage done to surfaces. Our fully qualified and highly trained cosmetic repair professionals have years of experience in fixing and finishing all types of surfaces, across both large and small projects.

What is the cosmetic repair process?

After an initial assessment, our cosmetic repair specialists will then begin work on restoring any damaged areas, making sure that the shape, colour, pattern and finish of the surfaces look as good as new by the time they are finished.

As part of our cosmetic repair solution, we restore any surfaces and items that have been damaged, including doors, cupboards, bathroom units, walls and floors which may have been scratched, chipped or dented.

Our surface repair experts can restore even the most heavily damaged items to their former glory, allowing contractors to present an immaculate property on schedule, without the need to replace expensive items.

How does cosmetic building repair impact the environment?

Cosmetic repair is an easy solution for those looking to improve their ESG strategy. It helps businesses to demonstrate their support for environmental protection by repairing damaged items instead of replacing them, which in turn reduces landfill waste, energy consumption, and transportation emissions.

Cosmetic repairs take away the processes required to build replacement items. Such resources as energy, materials and transport that are needed during manufacturing can be removed from the process and result in less carbon being emitted into the environment.

Not only that, but cosmetic technicians minimise the negative impact of construction on the community by ensuring every project is finished and presented immaculately without disrupting locals or leaving unnecessary waste.

How to find a trusted cosmetic repair company?

Here at SD we specialise in providing the construction, insurance and marine sectors with quality cosmetic repair solutions they can rely on. As a repairs provider with a long history of excellence, we are the go-to for businesses looking for expert finishing in the final stages of their projects.

First established as a family business in Somerset, SD has since grown to become a reputable cosmetic repair company and one of the largest specialists in the UK. Dedicated to providing first-class construction cosmetics, we make sure we always meet even the highest standards by investing in the continuous training of our team.

To back up our reputation as the UK’s leading cosmetic repairs provider, we’ve made sure that everyone who is part of our workforce has years of on-site experience and holds hard-earned CSCS qualifications, which makes us unrivalled in the industry.

Let’s discuss your next project

Every project that comes through our doors goes through our technical team and allows us to provide bespoke solutions, to meet your exact needs. The first step is a conversation, so please get in touch to find out what the challenge is that you need us to solve.