We've updated our name! You may know us as SD Sealants, but we now go by SD Team.

We've updated our name! You may know us as SD Sealants, but we now go by SD Team.

United Kingdom

Expert insurance repair claims management service provider

From repairing surface damage to large restoration projects, we provide professional repairs on behalf of the insurance industry. Together, it’s our team of dedicated claims handlers, insurance technicians and seamless processes that helps make us one of the go-to insurance repair companies.

Returning your valued items to pre-loss condition seamlessly and swiftly


Damage to baths, shower trays and basins can be repaired to a pre-loss condition preventing replacement.


Laminate, granite, marble and composite worktops can be restored to look like new.

Kitchen units

Repairing kitchen units and end panels removes the need for the inconvenience of multiple trades on site and the loss of cooking facilities.

Wooden floors

Laminate, engineered wood and solid wood floors can be repaired locally to remove damage. We can also fully strip and restore wood floors.


Windows, doors, sills and even whole conservatories can be restored and repaired removing damage.


We can carry out repairs to wooden, metal, plastic and stone furniture, extending the life of your cherished item.

Floor and wall tiles

Ceramic is a robust material but even this can be damaged. SD can repair all kinds of floor and wall tiles preventing the inconvenience of upheaval.

Drying & Restoration

Escapes of water are commonplace, especially in winter. We can ensure we swiftly set up a drying regime.

Carpet Cleaning

Accidents happen: SD have expert carpet restoration technicians to remove stubborn stains.

Flooring Replacement

In the event that a repair is not possible SD have an extensive independent supply chain to help replace, on a like for like basis.

Graffiti Removal

Graffiti and accidental paint spills can be hard to shift using domestic equipment. SD use specialist equipment to clean any surface effects.

Leather and Upholstery

Scuffs and tears to leather are expertly remedied ensuring they are no longer prominent. SD can even re-upholster whole fabric suites.

Seamless repairs: Before and after


Choose to repair to reduce your carbon footprint


Climate conscious

Repairing reduces the level of environmental damage by over 70%, cutting demand for production, shipping & waste.


Minimising landfill waste

Opting for item repairs over replacement helps to keep them out of landfills and out of our oceans, reducing waste by 50%.


Reducing CO2 emissions

With every repair, we’re reducing the need for new production, shrinking pollution levels and CO2 emissions associated with manufacturing.

Why use SD?

We’ve got you covered


Our expert claims management team

Our claims management team have a wealth of experience in managing claims. With over 25 years experience in claims we are able to guide you through the claims journey and ensuring the correct outcome.


Our expert technicians

Our highly skilled technicians, extensively trained in our onsite academy, are not just technically excellent but also customer friendly ensuring you are kept fully informed throughout the repair process and achieve the desired outcome.


Efficient and effective

Repairing, rather than replacing, is designed to minimise disruption to your daily routine and return you to a pre loss condition quicker. With many trades having long lead times repair is seen as the favourable route to achieving a resolution.


Peace of mind, guaranteed

Our team of highly skilled professionals endeavour to provide a first-class service with every project, but we know how important peace of mind is. So, we offer a full warranty with every insurance repair, to fully put you at ease.